With the audio-visual triptych MindBox Christian Graupner & partners created an audience reactive installation and an electro acoustic music instrument using the body of a 'one armed bandit' as an user interface.

The installation attracts visitors' senses offering a joyful gambling- game around musical, choreographical and cinematographical elements as dance & beat-boxing ...a form of vocal percussion from which the installation derives its title. The arm and buttons of the modified fruit machine function as a tactile interface to the actions of a filmed character whose vocal- & movement clusters can be re-composed and re-performed by the audience.

MindBox is a piece of the work cycle H_RP [Humatic Re-Performing] . ...more

...ein grenzstabiles, wechselwirkendes System, in welchem Querverbindungen zwischen Casinokapitalismus, Glücksspiel, Autismus und konsonantem 'Beatboxing' greifbar werden.. [C.Graupner, Entdecker des Spiralhebels]

CG's graphical work : above: MindPrints (2011) below: WarLords (2011) manually treated prints, limited edition of 36

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